Going Live September 2021

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The aim of our digital online presentation

The aim of our service is to help students develop a well rounded, moral and socially positive attitude to life. To make the right choices, young people need to be well informed of how today’s society is run, the expectations and inevitable consequences. We know that your students face difficult scenarios everyday, often in the school complex or when travelling to and from school. Peer pressure continues to be an issue and can negatively impact an individuals decision making. Subsequently, a small trickle of criminal activities can and often does lead to a custodial sentence. Sadly, going to prison is often glamorised in today’s media. Exposing your students to our presentation will dispel the myths and provoke them to consider how making poor decisions will have a life long impact.

Prison, a Reality

Digital presentation for secondary school age students. Dispelling the myths about Prison life and serving a custodial sentence.


Senior Instructor

Matthew .

Matthew has had a long-standing and varied career within the Prison Service. His career took him across the pond to the USA, where he lectured at Mount Sinai Hospital in New York on the UK's Penal system. Matthew also received several recognitions for his work within HM Prison Service, one of which was the High Sheriffs Award. After injury in service, Matthew wanted to put his experience to good use. With a strong belief that crime prevention should start at school, he became a founder of Prison A Reality. Alongside delivering our Prison A Reality presentation, Matthew also supports students and staff at an SEMH school putting his breadth of experience with behaviour management into practice.


Colin .

After a varied and long standing career with HM Prison Service (and not feeling ready for retirement ) Colin took a quieter job in a UK seaside resort in small police station. During this time, Colin was asked by colleagues to chat to young offenders about Prison Life in a bid to discourage them from continued anti-social behaviour. The feedback and demand quickly grew and built the foundations for Prison A Reality. Very soon, Colin found himself talking to entire year groups in a local secondary school. The presentation took on a more educational structure and very quickly Colin and Matthew were on the road delivering Prison A Reality nationwide. A few thousand miles later ( and three covid-19 lockdowns), Colin has officially hung up the microphone but remains very much a part of Prison A Reality.


Social proof: testimonials


Teacher from JSTC

"I have used Matthew and Colin for a prison talk for several years now and consider it a crucial part of the PSHE programme at JSTC...The talk has been observed by 2 assistant heads, our deputy and Child Protection Officer, all of whom authorise and encourage it year after year. I will continue to use this for many years to come."

Alford Technical College


"This has been a fantastic session for our pupils to learn and understand, it has been a huge preventative tool in making sure the students choose the right path in life ."

St Georges Church of England School


"All staff commented on just how valuable this session was and that all were glued to it. Students were informed in great detail and made to think, they really got a lot from it."

Nicholas Hammond Academy


"I would definitely recommend this to colleagues and would like to run this as an annual event for our year 10 students."


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