"All staff commented on just how valuable this session was and that all were glued to it. Students were informed in great detail and made to think, they really got a lot from it.

We will definitely be asking you to return."

St Georges Church of England School

"This was a very 'hard hitting' presentation but very appropriate for our year 10s. The feedback from the students is very positive, they said they felt compelled to watch/listen even when the stories were graphic.

I would certainly recommend this to colleagues and would like to run this as an annual event for our yr10 students.

Thank you"

Nicholas Hammond Academy

"I have used Matthew and Colin for a prison talk for several years now and consider it a crucial part of the PSHE programme at JSTC. Personal, Social and Health Education is a very minor subject in my school and is taught by non specialists. It is therefore crucial to the mental and social wellbbeing of my students that specialists teach the essentials. I consider this talk as one of my essentials.

The talk is engaging, informative and highly effective. Resources are appropriate to the Year Group (10) and style of delivery is excellent. They use up to date, useful and eye catching slides with informative and interesting commentary. It addresses the important issues of prison: route to, life in and consequences of. It does this in a no nonsense but not threatening way.

The talk has been observed by 2 assistant heads, our deputy and Child Protection Officer, all of whom authorise and encourage it year after year. I will continue to use this for many years to come."

Teacher, JSTC

"The students were given the opportunity to understand the consequences of crime...Through the help of yourself and your colleagues it may hopefully persuade them to reflect on these insights and make the right decisions....This is a fantastic opportunity for our young people."

Alderman Peel High School

"Thank you so much for yesterday. The feedback from the pupils is really positive and a great message for them. I would be really interested in adding it to our PSHE programme for the next academic year."

Skegness Grammar School

"The presentation is extremely impactive, and is aimed at diverting any would be criminals to the correct path. i cannot emphasise enough just how well received this has been in the schools, and just how hard hitting the presentation is. This presentation is aimed at preventing offenders moving onto the slippery slope of offending, and aims to prevent crime and anti social behaviour. I truly believe this is a service worth having."

Inspector, Lincolnshire Police

"This has been a fantastic session for our pupils to learn and understand, it has been a huge preventative tool in making sure the students choose the right path in life."

Teacher, Alford Technical College

"Thank you very much for your talk. I think it fair to say I never want to go to prison!!!"

SGT, Lincolnshire Police